Evaluating Rain Gear

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been 3 years since this picture was taken in Zion National Park. I was wet, cold, and miserable for most of the day. The cold was due to being wet and insufficiently insulated; the wet was due, in equal 


Thoughts On Water Bottles

In the “Developing a System” post I discussed the potential impact your choice of bottle could have on things like your water purification method and how accessible your water is while you’re hiking. For years, the traditional choice was the trusty ol’ Nag bottle. In fact, the debate was never Nalgene vs. not-Nalgene, it was usually soft-sided (HDPE) Nalgene vs. Lexan Nalgene. While…


A Guide To Arc’Teryx Shells

I bought an Arc’Teryx hardshell jacket last year after hours of research and months of consideration. I’ll get into the specifics of why I made that choice (and my thoughts on Arc’Teryx in general) in other articles/reviews, but for now I’m going to talk about an issue I ran into while trying to figure out what I wanted: shopping for…